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Importance of Having an Affair

An affair is a sexual and emotional attachment between two people where each of the parties is committed to someone else or married. It is what many people term as cheating in a relationship. Many countries are going further to legalize polygamy. This has led to increased cases of affairs. Religions hold a different option on the issue. Where Christianity strongly condemn the act, Muslim and other religions allow one man to marry many wives. An affair is the first step towards polygamy. An affair which involves a husband can be seen as okay and somehow understandable. However, an affair involving a wife is strongly condemned by even the men who have affairs.


Is it okay to have an affair?

Many people still ask this question time and time over again. No one can downplay the importance of an affair. What is the importance of having an affair?


Helps one achieve more

Many people see affairs as channels and way to waste money. However many people who have had an affair confesses that being in an affair with someone else actually help them get motivated to work more and achieve more. Grass will always look greener on the other side they say. When one gets into an affair with someone else, he is always looking for a way to proves to the other person that he is hardworking and industrious. On the other side, the same person is looking for ways to impress his wife. This leads to one doubling his efforts to make money. This way one potential is maximized. The company or the business will have higher results.


Emotional fulfillment

An affair is the best way for one to emotionally fulfill himself. Many people in marriages are not always happy. Many people are bound by religion and cultural beliefs. Otherwise, they would have divorced their spouses long time ago. There aren’t maximum emotion fulfillment in families. This explains why men drive themselves out the whole night. Instead of all these hustles, one can get into a side affair and fulfill his emotional requirements and live happier in his marriage life. If one of the couples is sick or unable to meet the sexual desires of a person the best thing to do is to get into an affair and sort yourselves out. Emotional fulfillment is the foundation of a happy and a longer life.


Avoid diseases

An affair is the best prevention measure of sexually transmitted infections. Married couples will always get out there to look for other people. Such people may even include prostitutes. This increases the risks of one contracting a sexually transmitted infection. This will not only endanger one’s life but also the life of the other partner. If one will not rush to a prostitute the other available way to fulfill himself is by asking a friend for sex. This happens mostly when people are drunk. In this state, one cannot control themselves. This can lead to unwanted pregnancies or even sexually transmitted infections.